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 Our Story

HakkaLand is a restaurant located in Harrow, London. We specialize in serving Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisine that is authentic, delicious, and affordable. Our story began with a desire to introduce the unique flavors of Hakka cuisine to London. We wanted to create a space where people could come and enjoy traditional dishes that are prepared with fresh ingredients and bold spices. Our team of expert chefs has years of experience in cooking Hakka cuisine, and they use their skills to create dishes that are a perfect blend of flavors and textures. At HakkaLand, we believe that food is not just about nourishment, but also about the experience. That's why we take great care in creating an ambiance that is warm, inviting, and comfortable. Come and visit us to experience the true taste of Hakka cuisine.

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Our Restaurant

At HAKKALAND, we take immense pride in presenting a culinary journey that embraces the best of both worlds. Rooted in the vibrant culinary culture of Calcutta, we are renowned for our exquisite Indo-Chinese cuisine that fuses Indian spices with Chinese flair. Building upon this legacy, we are excited to introduce our newest addition - an array of Authentic Indian dishes that pay homage to the diverse flavors of India.

Now, alongside our beloved Indo-Chinese delicacies, you can savor the soul-nourishing richness of Indian classics on our menu. From the velvety Butter Chicken to the aromatic Biryani, each dish is meticulously crafted to capture the authentic essence of Indian cuisine. Whether you crave the zesty tang of Indo-Chinese or the traditional comfort of Indian fare, our menu offers a delightful fusion that will enthrall your taste buds.

Come and join us at HAKKALAND to embark on a culinary adventure like no other, where the harmony of Indo-Chinese and Authentic Indian flavors awaits your indulgence. Discover the magic of our diverse menu, a celebration of tastes that promises an unforgettable dining experience!

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